Upcoming release:
Björn falk

EP dropping 6 December

Songs about love – short, sweet and sincere

The three-track EP Rock’n’Roll For Hopeless Romantics is the first release from Swedish artist and songwriter Björn Falk.

November 22 the first single was released, Pony, featuring Caroline Landahl from the band Hater on guest vocals. Listen here.

Stay tuned for the full EP on December 6th!


Björn Falk


The debut single of Björn Falk


The Space Between Our Lips

A ten track collection of emotional and solid post-punk inspired pop.


Yellow Step Records is an independent record label based in Sweden. Started in 2019, we are a young label run by musicians who want to keep things simple. We aim to shed a lot of the weight holding back bigger players, letting us move quicker and work more closely with our artists. Stay tuned.

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